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17 April, 2012

Leaving Our Hearts in San Francisco... again!

We've been here in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 3 months now, and we only planned to be here for two! We have been visiting and staying all over the Bay Area throughout this time; from Downtown SF, to Novato, to Napa, to West Oakland, to Berkeley, to Pioneer in the Sierra Foothills, to South Lake Tahoe, to El Cerrito, to the Crocker-Amazon... The end is near though, and while we've had a lot of work to do (sorting through our tightly-packed storage space and selling off most of our belongings, the most difficult being our '93 Mercedes Coupe), we have also had a blast! We've spent such good time with so many dear friends, friends we missed so much during our last year spent traveling through Central America. We've just taken our sweet time making our way thru Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico from January to January, and now it's time to say 'goodbye' again, this time even more unsure of when we'll be back... Well it's not really a 'goodbye' Bay Area, it's a 'see you later'!

Union Square, San Francisco

After living in San Francisco over the last ten years, and traveling several times a year for the past five, our wanderlust has finally gotten the better of us, and lured us into a lifestyle of indefinite international travel. So we are now officially flowing with the wind... We will be taking off in less than two weeks for Antigua, Guatemala, a beautiful colonial town that charmed the pants off us last year and had us getting bartending jobs in order to stay. (Check out the world-famous Ocelot Bar by the Parque Central and the Lava Terrace Bar upstairs with a gorgeous view of Volcan Agua.) We now have dear friends there as well, who await our return, and we can't wait to see them. We doubt they'll be surprised we're back so soon since we hear Antigua has that effect on people. 

Good times bartending @ The Earth Lodge
We also look forward to getting back to Lago Atitlán, a lake commonly regarded by many as one of the most beautiful in the world. After having spent over a month there, and visiting more than 10 of its sleepy Mayan villages, we do not disagree. It is incredibly serene - unless you want to party or shop yourself into a frenzy that is - which you might want to do, considering the prices for gorgeous skillfully made hand-crafts, clothing, and jewelry are a fraction of what we pay in the US for a fraction of the quality. But I digress, we'll be there soon enough. 

Beautiful Lago Atitlán

We plan to spend three to four weeks in Guatemala before moving on again. Stay tuned for the travel plans coming up next. It will surely be interesting. In the meantime look out for updates on our final Cali departure and send-offs. Follow us to stay in touch as we embark on our return to Guatemala and beyond! 

More photos coming soon! 

If you happen to be in the neighborhood...

A place in Guatemala that's near and dear to our hearts is the The Earth LodgeWe worked and lived at this Eco-lodge & Avocado Farm nestled in the hills above Antigua for 6 weeks and got up there every chance we could once we moved down to town. Amazing volcano views, great healthy food, live music often, awesome cabins and even a tree house! The owners, Drew & Briana, are great too:) Don't miss it!

One of many unbelievable views from The Earth Lodge