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12 September, 2012

19 Hours in Paris!

The breathtaking Notre Dame

We just left Belarus after two months and lots of fun with family and friends. A mere three hour flight brought us to Paris, where we had purposely booked a nineteen hour layover so we could see the City of Lights for the first time, and meet up with friends there whom we haven't seen for years. Well before long, we were living it up. Once we figured out how to find the Metro, how to buy tickets, how to make a call on a pay phone, and attempted to check our email, we were on our way to the city we've heard so much about. 

After a forty minute ride on the well-designed train, which was a great experience for people watching and so refreshing after the homogeneity of Belarus, we got off at the St. Michel - Notre Dame stop to meet friends. So many different faces, shades, and languages! To be back in the midst of such diversity was like jumping in a cool pool on a hot summer day.

St. Michel

We had a stroll to find our friends at the beautiful Notre Dame, which was a lively hangout spot for all kinds of people; lovers taking in the romantic acoustic guitar, young people playing, laughing, having evening picnics along the promenade, tourists snapping photos, hip-hop crews doing their thing, grifters and drifters, everyone was there...

Our friends finally found us basking in awe of the scene, and we were off to meet another friend who had made a fine program for us that consisted of beginning with a champagne toast, followed by dinner at a classic French bistro, and after dinner drinks at a medieval cave-like bar that used to be a Russian cabaret. No complaints here!

Us with our wonderful French hosts

Everything was par excellence... Before long, we were sipping on Bollinger's Brut Rose in a cute Parisian apartment with a balcony overlooking the hip Latin Quarter, which is bursting with young international students having a good time at the plentiful bars and bistros. 

Then it was off to Christophe for dinner. It was a classic place, and we went for it. Foie Gras, Escargot, Duck Confit... bring it on! Accompanied by what has to be the most delectable Chablis we've ever had.  (They asked if the wine tasted different than the imported French ones in the States, and I have to say, surprisingly it did. Maybe it was even more exceptionally delicious after two months in Belarus, which let's just say, is not a wine country.) 

Escargot, the famous French snails

Foie Gras

Duck breast and confit, best ever eaten

Oh, what a night! From Brut Rose to Chablis, to Bourgogne Blanc, Bourgogne Rouge, Cahors... it was all superb! We spent some time walking around that warm night (we were told we came in time for the perfect weather), enjoying the bistro scene into the early morning hours, and having impassioned stimulating conversation. 

The next morning we enjoyed an assortment of fresh croissants, fruit, and tea thanks to our wonderful hosts. We also took in more sights, famous architectural delights that just happened to be in our chock-full neighborhood on the way to the metro. We bid our friends adieu, and off we were to catch our flight to New York. Pity we had no time to go inside all the historical landmarks, churches, and universities in the area, but next time.

St. Etienne Du Monde

The Pantheon, a historical shrine where many famous people are buried including
Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, Jean Moulin, Marie Skłodowska-Curie, and Louis Braille

The Eiffel Tower is behind us, you just can't see it

Charles De Gaulle is such a stylish, well-organized airport, and we had plenty of time to finish off our croissants (the best we've ever had of course) and find our gate. And AirFrance, complete with the best-styled flight attendant crew we've ever laid eyes on, was great to fly with as well. They even give you complimentary eye masks, mini VSOP Cognacs, and mini Camembert wedges (just in case you didn't try the French cheese on your visit I suppose, or even if you did, but we hadn't, so it completed the checklist.) (These are the kind of thoughtful touches that continue to set European airlines apart from American ones by the way.) The flight was only 7 1/2 hours to JFK. Not bad, for crossing the Atlantic.

Well what a difference nineteen hours makes! France truly wowed us, even more than we'd expected it to. Along with the warm reception of our French friends, the history, style, impeccable taste, and sensuality that ooze and emanate from this city make it irresistible to us, and we will make our way back soon. Wine country also awaits... Viva la France!

Even the airport is beautiful in France


A Tip 

As we've mentioned in a previous post, we like to make the most of our layovers. If you have to make a stop anyway, why not enjoy it and make it long enough to leave the airport? Especially if you have friends there or it's a place you've always wanted to visit, why not do so for the same price of the ticket?  It's unorthodox so you might get a few raised-eyebrow reactions (even from airline professionals oddly enough), but it's a fun way to travel. Just make sure you have the airline check your bags all the way through (especially if they're on the larger side) because you don't want to hassle with lugging them around or even taking the time to store them during your precious layover time. You just want to get off the plane and go!